Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Karen Bierman class 1972

Karen Bierman is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Ph. D.

Department of Psychology The Pennsylvania State University 251 Moore Bldg.University Park, PA 16802-3106
814 865-3879
814 863-7002

Research Interests
Karen Bierman has interests in child-clinical psychology, social-emotional development, and preventive interventions. Her research focuses on peer relations, disruptive behavior problems, and intervention programs to facilitate social adjustment. Currently, she directs the Head Start-REDI project, a field trial evaluating the impact of research-based emergent literacy and social-emotional skill training on student school readiness, when delivered in the context of Head Start programs. She also directs the Pennsylvania site of the Fast Track Program, a multisite program addressing the early identification and prevention of conduct problems ( She codirects the FOCUS project (Forming Outreach Community University Systems for engagement), which utilizes university-community collaborations to promote school readiness by designing, implementing, and evaluating parent outreach and support programs. She leads the School Readiness research initiative at the Child Study Center ( ) and serves as Associate Director for the Prevention Research Center (
Recent Publications
Bierman, K.L. (2004). Peer rejection: Developmental processes and intervention strategies. New York: Guilford.
Putallaz, M. & Bierman, K.L. (Eds.) (2004). Aggression, antisocial behavior, and violence among girls: A developmental perspective. New York: Guilford.
Lavellee, K.L., Bierman, K.L., Nix, R.L. & the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (2005). The impact of first-grade "friendship group" experiences on child social outcomes in the Fast Track Program. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 33, 307-324.
Bierman, K.L., & Erath, S.A. (2006). Promoting social competence in early childhood: Classroom curricula and social skills coaching programs. In K. McCartney & D. Phillips (Eds.) Blackwell handbook on early childhood development (pp. 595-615). Malden, MA: Blackwell.
Thomas, D.E., Bierman, K.L., & the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (2006). The impact of classroom aggression on the development of aggressive behavior problems in children. Development and Psychopathology, 18, 471-487.
Bierman, K.L., Nix, R.L., Maples, J.J., Murphy, S.A., and the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (2006). Examining the use of clinical judgment in the context of an adaptive prevention design: The Fast Track Program. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, 468-481.

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