Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carl Brecht- photos taken on a trip to Canada/summer 2009

Leaving Seattle in 1977 was only going to be temporary, with plans to return in 5 years. 32 years later, Carl Brecht is back. Carl, after graduating from the University of Washington Business School in 1975, began working for West Coast Realty. Two years later, he continued his real estate career in Chicago Illinois, Granger Indiana, and Saint Joseph Michigan. Now back, with 3 broker licenses,Carl has chosen to place his Managing Brokers License at Keller Williams Greatter Seattle, with continued success in these market conditions Carl’s expertise is finding an area that is reasonably priced, and promoting the property to investors. He has owned a few wholesale and retail businesses. His favorite one was a gourmet coffee shop, and that is a operation he enjoys selling. The enjoyment is finding that right person to carry on the business.Carl’s education did not stop after business school. Just a few years ago Carl attended Thomas Cooley law School to concentrate in property and contract law. His back ground has enabled him to offer his clients an expertise above the norm. Even though he does have a knack for selling businesses and commercial property, his enthusiasm for selling residential property is also evident. “Older historical homes are irreplaceable and have a story to tell “When asked about his fondest memories of Seattle, Carl was quick to mention his days with Boy Scout Troop 15. Taking the Adventurous, a hundred plus foot sailing ship to summer camp in the San Juan Islands. Another adventure was on an Eagle Scout climbing trip to Mount Rainer. On that climb he ran into both Whitaker brothers at Camp Muir. A highlight of his high school days was being a member of the Roosevelt Chess Team. His love for the game continued by teaching hundreds of elementary school students. His team of five third and fourth graders routinely defeated the top high school players in the Indiana area. Carl also is an avid rower and skuller. He was a member of the University of Chicago Rowing Team and attended the annual Head of the Charles rowing regatta in Boston. His only regret was that he did not take advantage of the rowing program at the University of Washington in his earlier years.At age 55 Carl sees himself working another 25 years in the profession he loves. His experience over the years has seen markets like today. “ There is no place in the world like the Pacific Northwest.” He is back to stay. If you would like someone like Carl working in your corner, you can reach him by email at, or by cell phone at 425-368-8246

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